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Operation Breakfast began as a way to help people affected by natural disasters. We make breakfast for those directly impacted, as well as first responders and volunteers. We coordinate with local relief individuals and organizations to identify locations in need across the country and share their story.

During the summer of 2017, we rented a pickup truck in Boston and outfitted it with the equipment we needed to prepare and serve breakfast. With a portable griddle, tents, tables, and chairs, we set up and cooked eggs, bacon, home fries, and coffee. We began by traveling to Missouri and setting up Operation Breakfast in the small town of Van Buren and the larger city of West Plains, both affected by floods caused from overflowing rivers in April of 2017. From Missouri, we traveled to Utah, where the Brian Head Fire was destroying nearly 80,000 acres of land and homes in it’s path. In Panguitch Lake, Utah, we made our bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for exhausted fire fighters from many parts of the United States. Breakfast brought us together with people from all over the United States and allowed us to experience much more than sharing a meal.

Moving forward, our plan is to identify and prepare breakfast for local groups in need, since my senior year of high school will necessitate that I remain closer to home. We hope to use my school breaks to get back on the road!



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